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Pathway to U.S. Residency: Invest Today

Secure a Future in the U.S. by Investing

What is EB-5?

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, initiated by Congress in 1990, is designed to stimulate U.S. economic growth by attracting foreign capital into job-creating ventures. Investors who meet specific financial thresholds gain a pathway to U.S. residency, enhancing both personal and national economic prospects.

Expanded in 1992 through the Regional Center Program, this initiative focuses on directing foreign investments into commercial enterprises associated with USCIS-approved regional centers, aimed at fostering substantial economic development. Investors, along with their families, can secure conditional residency leading to permanent status and potential citizenship, based on a qualifying investment of either $800,000 or $1,050,000, depending on the employment area's designation, as of March 15, 2022.

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Who is eligible to apply with one application?

The EB-5 program provides a pathway for foreign investors and their immediate families—spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old—to obtain a green card. This is achieved by investing in a qualifying EB-5 project that creates at least ten full-time jobs.

Investment Requirements
& Program Benefits:

  • Investment of $1,050,000 and proof of legal funding through the I-526 Petition.

  • Investment must generate at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. qualified workers.

  • Green cards awarded to the investor, their spouse, and unmarried children under 21, allowing them to live anywhere in the U.S.

  • No requirements for age, education, business experience, or English proficiency; citizenship possible 5 years post-residency.

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The Application Process

Following the approval of the initial application (I-526 Petition), the process can move forward for the applicant, their spouse, and any unmarried children under the age of 21. Please consult with your attorney for an estimated timeline.

Step 1

Speak with a representative about the River District 14 EB-5 project.

Step 3

Receive approval for the I-526 Form from USCIS.

Step 2

Prepare and submit the I-526 form with your attorney to USCIS (4-8 weeks estimated).

  • Retain an immigration attorney to draft your Immigration Petition (I-526).

  • Have your attorney review the legal source of your investment funds.

  • Complete the payment of your investment and any applicable fees.

Step 4

Obtain a permanent resident Green Card.

Step 5

Submit the I-829 form within two years of gaining your permanent resident status.

Step 6

Repayment of at-risk investment capital.

If the Applicant Is Abroad

  • Consulate Processing and Interview

If the Applicant Is in the US

  • Initiate the adjustment of status process, securing work authorization and a travel permit.

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For more on EB-5 investment at River District 14, inquire here.

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